Customs Bond Commissionerate,Dhaka
WHATS_NEW All concerned requested to update Database ( Such as Audit, Demand & other Bond information) in time accordingly in file approved to avoid unexpected Risk. WHATS_NEW আমদানী,রপ্তানী কার্যক্রম, এলসি ওপেন ইত্যাদি কার্যক্রম সম্পাদনের সময় বন্ড ওয়েবসাইটে বিদ্যমান তথ্য যাচাই করে রিক্স ও ঝুঁকি হ্রাসের জন্য অনুরোধ করা হলো।

Customs Bond Commissionerate, Dhaka (South)

As per Customs Act, 1969, 100% export oriented businesses are eligible to get bond facilities. Bond facilities were present from the early year of Customs act enactment. Initially, Bond benefits were monitored by the concern Custom Houses. Then one company has to go all Custom Houses through which he import or export. It was a very complex work for the reconciliation of import and export quantities.To avoid such situation and encouraging export businesses, in November 2000, the Customs Bond Commissionerate started is journey. There are different types of Bond Licenses issued by this office for facilatating exporters.Now most of the 100% export industries are running under direct supervision of Bond Commissionerate.

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