Customs Bond Commissionerate,Dhaka


Yearly audit for all bonded warehouses are mendatory.

a. Audit Format : Form & Format

b. PRC Format for Audit

c. Under Taking for Audit

d. Declaration for Audit

e. Audit requires a lot of documents. The main documents are:

  1. Proceed Realization Certificates for the audit period in standard format;
  2. Description of inter-bond transfer (if require);
  3. Photo copy of Passbook during audit period;
  4. Import documents for audit period like MLC, BBLC, IP, Purchase Orders (PO), Utilization Declaration (UD), B/E, Invoice, BL/AWB/TR etc;
  5. Export Documents like Shipping Bill (Bill of Export), Invoice, Indent, BL/AWB/TR, EGM, Exp. Form, UD, Export Order, LC etc;
  6. Certificate from BGMEA/BKMEA with summery statement of UD;
  7. Declaration of Inport and Export by the lien bank;
  8. Undertaking in standard format amounting Tk.500;
  9. Declaration of ownership change (if require);
  10. Declaration for Audit in Standarad Format
  11. Force Loan Certificate from Lien Bank
  12. Deeed Agreement on Factory premises if rent or Land ownership Registration Documents
  13. Any other documents relavent to the business activities and audit.

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