Customs Bond Commissionerate,Dhaka


Whati is Entitlement ?
Bond benefits are implemented through yearly entitlement. A bonder is allowed to import or locally purchase without duty-tax payment for certain amount of raw materials over a specific period of time. This amount of duty-tax free import/purchase is popularly known as Entitlement. The entitlement is allowed for single audit period that is one year from the date of license issue. There are two types of Entitlements:-
a. Specific Entitlement: Specific quantity of raw materials is allowed for one year. The quantity depends on production capacity of the bonder. This type of entitlement is applicable for backward linkage industry.
b.UD-based Entitlement: This type of entitlement depends on the Utilization Declaration and Master LC values.

Etitlements already issued are given below : -

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