Customs Bond Commissionerate,Dhaka


Bonder who need to get UP- Utilization Permission before use of Raw materials are to submit UP application in a standard format. The following format is designed for both computer generated and manual UPs.

1.  Download the  UP Form before Application.

2. Office Order regarding UP : Download

2. Required Documents for UP :

Following documents are needed to submit for UP:

  •     Back to Back Letter of Credit/Sales Contract/Import Permit
  •     Proforma Invoice
  •     Utilization Declaration
  •     Master LC

3. UP Approval Process :

The manual UP is issued in traditional process. The bonder has submit all documents as well as the UP copies. Bond officers varify and finally issue the UPs. It requires several 10-12 steps for approval. Moreover, the whole approval process is not clearly defined. It mainly depends on the authenticity of information supplied by the bonder and the discreation of the officers.

The process of the Computer Generated UP is clearly defined. It requires maximum 8 steps if the single LC value exceeds $80,000.00. Otherwise, it takes only 3-4 steps.The detail processes are as below:

Step 1: Bonder will come with required documents and duly filled up UP Application Form and submit the papers to the 'CBC Data Entry Kiosk' (initially DTCL will enter the required data in the application, then to be done by CBC people).

Step 2: Data will be entered in BMIS and a physical file, having the required docs and UP Application Form, will be initiated with a 'nothi number. The current file of bonder will be used for this purpose.

Step 3: The application will be assigned to an ARO automatically by BMIS and the respective physical file will be sent to the ARO by desk Clark appointed by CBC.

Step 4: ARO will check the application online, verify the physical documents and finally sent the application to RO by clicking a button in the software. Physical file also moves accordingly by CBC people.

Step 5: Like step 4, RO will check the application online and physical docs, if required, then will send the application to AC/DC, if everything is found okay, or will send back to ARO for further clarification, if needed (in this case it will go back to step 4). Physical file also moves accordingly by CBC people.

Step 6: If everything is found okay by the respective AC/DC and the UP value remains less than USD 80,000 AC/DC can approve the application, otherwise can send back to ARO (step 4) or RO (step 5) for further clarification. If UP value is found more than USD 80,000 then AC/DC will send the file to JC/ADC

Step 7: If everything goes okay, UP and note sheet will be printed in the CBC data entry kiosk, put inside the physical file and sent the physical file to AC/DC  for signature and concern ARO for endorsement. Physical file also moves accordingly by CBC people.

Step 8: After having all the required signatures, UP would be ready to dispatch to the respective bonder.  It will be done by CBC as like as present manual dispatch is done.