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Written by B.M. Syedur Rahman,Programmer,Bond   

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Yearly audit for all bonded warehouses are mendatory. 

a. Audit Format
Form & Format

b.  PRC Format for Audit

c. Under Taking for Audit  

d. Declaration for Audit

e. Audit requires a lot of documents. The main documents are:

  • Proceed Realization Certificates for the audit period in standard format;
  • Description of inter-bond transfer (if require);
  • Photo copy of Passbook during audit period;
  • Import documents for audit period like MLC, BBLC, IP, Purchase Orders (PO), Utilization Declaration (UD), B/E, Invoice, BL/AWB/TR etc;
  • Export Documents like Shipping Bill (Bill of Export), Invoice, Indent, BL/AWB/TR, EGM, Exp. Form, UD, Export Order, LC etc;
  • Certificate from BGMEA/BKMEA with summery statement of UD;
  • Declaration of Inport and Export by the lien bank;
  • Undertaking in standard format amounting Tk.500;
  • Declaration of ownership change (if require);
  • Declaration for Audit in Standarad Format
  • Force Loan Certificate from Lien Bank
  • Deeed Agreement on Factory premises if rent or Land ownership Registration Documents 
  • Any other documents relavent to the business activities and audit.