Written by B.M. Syedur Rahman,Programmer,Bond   
Declaration: The meeting minutes issued by National Board of Revenue (NBR) and Customs Bond Commissionerate (CBC), Dhaka with different business organizations are uploaded here. These are retyped and collected from different sources. There may be some typographical errors. In some cases, the decisions taken in meeting minutes are implemented by other legal instrument like SRO, General Order, Special Order, Standing Order, Office Order or by even Office Memo under Customs Act, 1969. Those decisions which are not implemented by other legal instrument have no legal effect. There may be some such minutes. For legal reference, please use the legal instruments issued under Customs Act, 1969.

31.12.12    CBC Meeting with BFLGFEA on automation and requisition.
27.12.12    CBC Meeting with Supervised Bond Accessories Association.
18.06.12    CBC  Meeting with BGMEA on different issues. 
24.05.12    NBR Multi party meeting on the management of Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse.
28.02.12    NBR  Meeting with BEPZA on list of "other goods". 
19.07.11    CBC  Meeting with BPGMEA on auto-renewal of bond license and other issues. 
15.10.10    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on imposition of sec 202 and other issues.
26.04.09    CBC Meeting with BGAPMIA on entitlement, renewal and other issues.
26.01.09    NBR Board Meeting on local sale of 20% goods by 100% export oriented industries. 
15.11.07    CBC Meeting with BFLLFEA on cancellation of Supervised Bond system.
22.07.07    CBC Meeting with BGMEA on different issues.
21.11.06    CBC Board meeting decision on import of PP Oven bag.
08.10.06    NBR Meeting with BDYEA on UP and other issues.
13.10.04    NBR Meeting with BCCAMEA on risk bond, auto-renewal, UP and Bank Gaurantee.
07.08.04    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on lien bank, sub-contract and other issues.
03.06.04    CBC Meeting with BGMEA on license suspension, lien bank and other issues.
09.11.03    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on General Bond, Audit, Passbook and other issues.
09.11.03    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on UD.
16.09.03    NBR Meeting with BLMEA on co-efficient, auto renewal etc.
17.05.03    NBR Meeting with LFMEAB on auto-renewal, risk bond, duty bond and other issues. 
12.08.02 MINCOM Multilateral meeting at MINCOM on re-export of faulty fabrics imported.
23.08.01    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on release of raw materials seized by anticorruption commission,
cutting of fabrics and other issues.
10.05.01    NBR Meeting with BGMEA, BKMEA, BPGMEA and BCCAMEA
on UP, Audit and arrear recovery.
20.09.99    NBR Meeting with BGMEA on sample import, green
channel, computerization, import without LC,
VAT on C&F Agent Commission and LC charge,
License, IGM amendment, shortshipment, private
bonded warehouse, cutting  inspection, etc.
17.12.97    NBR Meeting with FBCCI, BGMEA, BKMEA, BPABMA on import of duplex board below
300gsm on certain condition under bond license.
12.06.97    NBR Meeting with BGMEA quick release of imported goods, General Bond,
Examination of goods, sample import and other issues.
28.05.97    NBR Meeting with JICA on Customs Passbook (CPB), transfer of durable goods like car etc.