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Written by B.M. Syedur Rahman,Programmer,Bond   
Declaration: This section includes all available Standing Order, General Order, Special Order, Office Order and Office Memos issued by NBR annd CBC, Dhaka. All these are cateegorized as "ORDER" here. The ORDERs uploaded here are retyped and collected from different sources. There may be some typographical errors. For legal reference, please use the original/gezette copy of ORDERs.
 Date   Auth       Subject     
03.01.13   CBC Using seperate H.S. Code for liner paper on entitlement.
17.12.12   CBC  Instruction to Commissioners of Customs & VAT and Business Associations to use the CBC website.
17.12.12   CBC Standing order on CBC website update and improvement.
12.12.12   CBC Instruction of calculating Entitlement.
09.12.12   CBC Instruction for receiving and processing of application of new bond license. 
19.11.12   CBC Instruction for file management of Supervised Bonded Warehouse.
12.11.12   CBC DOs for Audit Officer during Garments Audit.
05.11.12   NBR DOs and DONTs for revenue officers.
04.11.12  CBC Administrative Jurisdiction of CBC, Dhaka. Geographic distribution of bond divisions and circles.
28.08.12   CBC Application for Passbook by Privileged Persons and its management.
24.07.12   CBC Instruction to Bonder for getting co-efficient from DEDO 
12.07.12   CBC Receive of application of new bond license. 
11.06.12   NBR Diplomatic Bonded warehouse management system.
05.06.12   CBC Process of preserving Treasury Challan and acceptance of e-payment. 
29.05.12   CBC Process of file putup and authority to hold file for certain period for different officials. 
23.05.12   NBR Online Payment System.
11.04.12   CBC Responsibility during physical inspection to a warehouse.
21.03.12   NBR Deemed export from bonded warehouse to non-bonded firms.
23.02.12   CBC Action to be taken for non-audited warehouses after expiry of audit period.
14.02.12   CBC Audit of composite warehouses to be done by concern circle officers.
09.02.12   MOF New Operation Codes in classification chart for newly established offices under Customs and VAT.
07.02.12   CBC Establishing "Arrear Recovery" branch and its responsibility.
27.12.01   CBC Management procedure of 100% export oriented bonded warehouses.
23.10.11   NBR Reorganization of jurisdiction of all Custom Houses, Bond & VAT Commissionerates, etc.
16.10.11   NBR Policy to issue bond license for duty free shops at airports, sea ports and land ports.
05.10.11   CBC Management procedure for warehouses who perform both deem and direct exports.
12.09.11   CBC Mentioning GSM for linear and medium paper in Entitlement.
21.07.11   CBC Collection of VAT on license fee, renewal fee, etc.
17.07.11   IRD Permission to establish duty free shops at airport, land port and sea ports.
13.07.11   NBR Guideline to protect revenue evasion using bond benefit
16.06.11   BOI No recommendation is necessary from BOI to get any bond benefit.
25.04.11   CBC Collection of VAT on license fee, renewal fee, etc. as per VAT Rules, 18Ua.
02.03.11   NBR Withdrawal of Bank Guarantee system for Plastic accessories at import and instruction for physical inspection of 5% consignments at random.
23.01.11   CBC Amendment of General order on Ship Building Yard of 2009.
15.12.10   CBC Issuance of UP against Sales Contract.
13.12.10   CBC Guideline for annual audit.
20.11.10   CBC Instruction for updating the Computer Database of CBC, Dhaka.
01.11.10   NBR Confirming representative of CBC to co-efficient committee of DEDO.
21.11.09   CBC UP related instruction for 100% export oriented composite bonded warehouses.
26.10.09   BEPZA Industry establishment policy at EPZs.
13.10.09   CBC Required documents for different activities under bonded warehouse.
26.07.09   NBR Redemption of taxes of goods warehoused under section 86.
27.05.09   CBC Working procedures for ship builders.
26.04.09   CBC Instruction for preparing Para Wise Comments (PWC) for Higher Courts.
19.03.09   CBC Delegation of power to the officer of different rank and file of CBC, Dhaka.
29.09.08   CBC Import restriction of Sticker paper and self adhesive paper under bond license.
29.06.08   NBR Annual Entitlement of 100% export oriented industry (other than garments industry).
10.06.08   NBR Continuous Bond.
18.03.08   NBR Import-export activities by the ship builders under bond system.
10.09.07   NBR Release of Indemnity Bond.
02.07.07   CBC Instruction to Bond Officers to update and maintain the Bond Register properly.
05.06.07   NBR Disposal procedure of faulty goods beside exportable goods in the factories of EPZ.
05.06.07   NBR Release of returned garments exported earlier from Custom Houses under Bond License.
17.04.07   CBC File management system in CBC, Dhaka.
11.01.07   CBC Payment of Tk. 1,88,373.00 as establishment expenditure by Supervised Bonded Warehouses.
27.10.06   NBR Both Cash incentive and Bond benefit for a exporter is prohibited.
13.08.06   DEDO Composition of Input-Output Co-efficient Committee.
10.08.06   NBR Subcontract manufacturing is not permitted in suspended or that industries on who's section 202 is imposed.
06.08.06   NBR Both Cash incentive and Bond benefit for a exporter is prohibited.
10.04.06   NBR Instruction on renewal of Bond License.
19.03.06   NBR Instruction on the extension of Bonding Period.
09.03.06   NBR Disposal of exported goods made by using the bonding period expired raw materials.
30.01.06   NBR Supply of goods without UP.
24.11.05   NBR Adjustment of Sample in UP for 100% export oriented yarn dying industries.
31.08.05   NBR Management of Commissariat at EPZ.
28.05.05   NBR Renewal of Bond License.
01.01.05   CBC Co-ordination of Law Branch and bond Circle about litigation.
20.12.04   CBC Sending of UD from BGMEA and BKMEA to CBC in a secure way.
09.12.04   CBC Permission of using five LCs in a UP.
17.10.04   NBR Audit of diplomatic Bond
29.09.04   NBR Sale of old and scrap machine from EPZ to outside EPZ.
13.12.03   NBR Release of raw materials of 4 months for RMG industry without LC.
29.09.03   CBC UP could be issued within three working days of submission UP application.
02.07.03   CBC Mentioning info of quarterly report of export & passbook entry on UD by BGMEA/BKMEA.
02.04.03   CBC Detail working procedure for Supervised Bonded Warehouse.
18.03.03   CBC Monitoring the Home Consumption Bond.
17.10.02   NBR Collection of arrears in installment.
15.08.02   CBC Change in ownership of bond license.
17.07.02   NBR About establisment of quality control center for ready made garments.
10.06.02   CBC Issue of certificate for import consignment release.
03.06.02   NBR Submission of UD with application of UP.
02.06.02   NBR UP issue for oven label against PI and ILC.
11.02.02   CBC Delegation of power of Commissioner to lower layers.
27.12.01   CBC Management procedure of Diplomatic and Privileged Persons Bonded Warehouse.
27.12.01   CBC Management procedure of 100% export oriented bonded warehouse.
02.09.01   CBC Instruction to examine the UP application.
11.04.01   NBR Introducttion og General Bond.
10.01.01   NBR Sale of scrap machinery from EPZ to Domestic Tariff Area (DTA).
 07.01.01   NBR Introduction of Green Channel for 100% export oriented industries.
09.11.00   NBR Instruction for sending files to newly created Customs Bond Commissionerate.
01.11.00   NBR Determination of Jurisdiction of newly created Customs Bond Commissionerate all over the Country.
01.11.00   NBR Operation procedure of 100% export oriented bonded warehouse (other than RMG).
19.10.00   IRD Creation of Customs Bond Commissionerate, Benapole Custom House and Sylhet VAT Commissionerate.
07.09.00   NBR Permission to sell goods to foreigner against foreign currency from Diplomatic Bonded warehouse by paying duty-tax.
28.08.00   NBR Audit of Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse.
25.07.00   NBR Standing Order on disposal of durable goods imported by Diplomats and Privileged Person without payment of duties.
04.01.00   NBR Import of goods for EPZ Authority and Industries located in EPZ area.
14.02.99   NBR Determination of Entitlement of Diplomatic Bonded Warehouses.
10.03.99   NBR Destruction of goods of Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse.
28.12.98   NBR Permission to import of dyes and chemicals under bond license.
15.10.98   NBR Re-structuring of Law Branch of NBR for quicck disposal of cases.
23.04.98   NBR Approval of Bond License for the industries other than 100% export oriented industries.
22.02.98   NBR Approval of Bond License for industries other than Garments industry.
08.09.97   IRD Approval of Bond License for the industries other than 100% export oriented industries.
23.09.97   NBR Forwarding letter for the summery approved by Hon'ble Finance Minister posted in previous line at the date of 08.09.97
10.07.97   NBR What action to be taken for failure to export after import against Back-to-Back LCs.
06.03.96   NBR List of goods to be imported form EPZ to Domestic Tax Area (DTA) under The Customs (Export Processing Zones) Rules, 1984. 
15.08.95   NBR Import od dyes and chemicals by 100% export oriented composit industries.
25.05.95   NBR Supervised Bond system for leather and leather-goods industries.
21.01.95 D'North Working procedures for supervised bonded warehouse for leather and leather-goods industries.
05.07.95 D'North Working procedures for supervised bonded warehouse for shoe industries.
08.06.93   NBR Declaration of Dhaka EPZ as Customs Bonded Area and establishing Customs Office at EPZ.
17.02.80   NBR Approval of Duty Free Shops at Airport and Sea Port.