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Written by B.M. Syedur Rahman,Programmer,Bond   
Some important issues regarding Bond Licenses : Ins and Outs 
 NO               QUESTIONS
What is the Warehousing Rules, 1984?
  2 What is Bonded Warehouse License? Why it is necessary? 
  3 Who is the Bonded Warehouse Licensing Authority?
  4 What is the legal provision for issuing a Bonded Warehouse License? 
  5 How many types of Bonded Warehouse License are there? Describe  them in brief. 
   6 What is Warehousing Station? Which areas are declared as Warehousing Station?
   7 Describe the administrative Jurisdiction of Bond Division and Circle under CBC.
   8 What is Continuous Bond? What are the conditions to issue a Continuous Bond?
   9 For which type of industy the Boned Warehouse License is not applicable?
 10   What are the differences between Diplomatic and Privileged Person bonded warehouse? Give the list of such Bonded warehouses. 
 11   What is Privileged Person (Customs Procedure) Rules, 2003? 
 12   Is it possible to sale goods from diplomatic bonded warehouse to non-diplomatic or privileged person?
 13    Who is the controller of Bonded warehouse? What are the responsibility of controller as per law?
 14   Is it possible to issue more than one bond license in a single building?
 15   What is the application procedure for bond license? What documents are needed for a bond license?
 16   What are the activities to be done during approval process of bond license after submitting an application?
 17   What is the procedure to determine Production Capacity of factory?
 18   What is the procedure to determine the Entitlement of a factory?
 19   What is Anual Entitlement? How do you determine the anual entitlement? What will be the impact of local purchase on anual entitlement? 
 20   What is the procedure to release raw materials from import Customs Station for warehousing under Bond?
 21   What is General Bond? Describe in detail about the General Bond?
 22   What are the Risk Bond and Duty Bond? Are the applicable now?
 23   What type of controlling mechanisms are applicable on warehoused goods?
 24   What is Bonding Period? How do you increase the bonding period? 
 25   What are the procedure to sort the damaged raw materials in the warehouse? 
 26 How do you use the raw materials from the bonded warehouse?
 27 How can you remove the goods if your bond license is cancelled? 
 28 Can you transfer goods from one warehouse to another warehouse?
 29 What is a volatile goods? How can you disposed the volatilized goods?
 30 What are the legal provisions to remove warehoused goods? 
 31 How do you calculate your licensing period? What is the procedure of renewal of your bond license?
 32 How do you dispose the goods damaged in accident or any Force Marjorie.
 33 When and why you have to pay duty-tax for goods imported under Bond License?
 35 In what circumstances your bond license could be cancelled instead of renewal?
  36 What is anual audit? Why it is needed?
 37 What types of documents you need to submit for audit for RMG industries?
 38 Is there any special instruction for the audit of Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse?
 39 Is there any rules for 100% export oriented industry?
 40 What is the minimum value addition for different industries as per Import Policy Order, 2009-12?
 41 What are import procedures for 100% export oriented industries as per Import Policy Order, 2009-12?
 42 What is the import procedure for export oriented industries other than Garments and Deemed Exporters?
 43 What is the procedure of import by 100% export oriented garments industry? Is it possible to import without LC?
 44 What is Green Channel? Who can avail this facility?
 45 What are the difference between UD and UP?
 46 What is input-output co-efficient? Who is the appropriate authority to issue input-output co-efficient?
 47 What are the Export LC, BBLC, Local BBLC, No Cost based import?
 48 Is it possible to collect carton and other accessories against purchase order?
 49 What is Passbook? Where is is used?
 50 What is Bond Register? Which information are to be written here?
 51 What is in-bond and ex-bond? What are the required documents for that?
 52 What are the procedures to perform in-bond and ex-bond?
 53 What type of documents are to submitted with UP application?
 54 What type of documents are needed for changing company category?
 55 What is the process and documents needed to transfer the location of factory?
 56    What are the required documents needed for transferring office address?
 57 What is the inter-bond transfer? What documents are needed for inter-bond transfer?
 58 What is lien bank? What is the process of adding or changing lien bank?
 59 What is the process and documents needed for changing ownership of a bonded warehouse?
 60 What documents needed for increasing or decreasing capacity of factory?
 61 What is the process of adding new raw materials in Bond License?
 62 What is at-a-time bonding capacity? Why it is necessary?
 63 When and why the bank inspection for UP is compulsory?
 64 In which situations, UD is not required for UP?
 65 What is PRC? Why it is necessary?
 66 What is stock lot? How it could be disposed off?
 67 What is force loan? What is the consequences of force loan?
 68 Is it possible to export without LC? What are the procedures?
 69 What procedure to be followed for expert of sample?
 70 How do you dispose the matter when an exported consignment returns to Bangladesh?
 71 What is the procedure of re-export of faulty raw materials imported under Bond License?
 72 How the goods of short-shipment to be disposed off?
 73 Is there any provision for bonded warehouse to get cash incentive from Bangladesh Bank?
 74 Is there any scope for 100% export oriented industries to sale goods in local market?
 75 What is GSP Benefit?
 76 What is supervised bond? What are the management procedures for supervised bond?
 77 What is the procedure for getting bond license in EPZ? What are the required documents?
 78 What are the import and export procedure for the warehouses located in EPZs?
 79 How many EPZs are there in CBC, Dhaka?
 80 What is commissariat in EPZ? Describe the operation process of Commissariat.
 81 What are the working procedure for bonded warehouses of footwear industries? 
 82 What are the working procedure for bonded warehouses of ship building industries? 
 83 How can you dispose the damaged or faulty product from EPZ?
 84 What is the adjudication procedure for any allegation arises against any bonded warehouse?
 85 What are the arrears recovery procedure?
 86 What is Indemnity Bond? What are the alternatives of indemnity bond?
 87 What is a Certificate? In what circumstances it could be issued?
 88 What is Bank Guarantee? When it is needed? How it could be encashed?
 89 What procedure to be followed by manufacturer of poly bag and hanger instead of Bank Guarantee?
 90 Can deemed exporter export directly and vice versa? What are the procedure?
 91 Has CBC, Dhaka any revenue collection function?
 92 How do you remove scrap machine form bonded warehouse?
 93 Is it necessary that there be a correlation between the weights of import and export?
 94 What procedures to be followed during transfer of machineries from one bonded warehouse to another bonded warehouse?
 95 What is the principle for wastage in knit and oven industries?
 96 Describe the Classification Rules under Customs Act, 1969 .